150820: Crazy Racer

This was a terrifying dream. When I woke up at around 3am I immediately wrote about it in a notebook; to make sure I didn’t forget the experience. Contradictory, I also hoped I wouldn’t enter the dream again after writing about it in the real world.  For someone with no interest in motor sports, I sure do have a lot of dreams about rally races. I wonder why?

So, a bunch of people, including myself, gather in (what looks like) a motor sports stadium. Teams for a new race tournament are being formed and we have been recruited to form the pit crews. Who is on what team basically comes down to a game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe. In the crowd there are some famous faces and people from all professions; mechanics, engineers, marketing, designers and so on. The crowd was organised into groups by profession. 

A while later, a dozen or so smartly dressed and intimidating individuals stood on a platform before us. A spokesperson introduced them as the new team leaders. They each possess extensive knowledge and experience in their fields. After the brief introduction, the leaders began selecting individuals from the crowd to join their team. I was happy to be selected by the only female leader. Strangely, she reminded me of Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy in both looks and personality. 

Each team needed to work together while taking charge of their individual tasks. It was a challenge and a lot of trial and error but after some time the work became more manageable and the team was in sync. The teams had one year to build the car and have it ready to race. 

The driver for our team was an upcoming underdog; not much was known about his ability on the track but he has proved to be a promising newbie and someone to watch out for. 

The first time I met him I felt a strange pang of nostalgia. He seemed so familiar but I couldn’t remember where I knew him from. Days before the race, I finally found out why I recognised him; he was someone very important to me, my younger brother.  

As children, we were taken from our mother since she wasn’t fit to take care of us. Then, we were separated. 

After finding out who he is, I don’t know how to interact with him. The storm of emotions leaves me conflicted. There were so many thoughts running through my mind. Does he know who I am? Does he remember me? Should I tell him I’m his sister? With so many questions and no answers, it was hard to concentrate on work. In the end, I decided to wait until the tournament was over before confronting him. It was an important time for the team, I couldn’t afford to be distracted. 

After the tournament…

Unfortunately we didn’t win, we placed third overall. 

When the young driver returned to the team warehouse, he looked… different. Wide eyes, lips curled and clenched fists; I had never seen him so full of rage. I almost thought it was a different person. Before anyone can say anything he screams, almost howling. He throws tools and chairs; bangs tables all while roaring. It seemed he wasn’t used to losing. Nothing could contain his rage. None of us could move, afraid we would be next to receive a beating. Even though this was only a small tournament, he was behaving like a wild beast after losing. The young driver was completely different, his determination and confidence were nowhere to be seen. It was as if he had been possessed by a demon, hell bent on destruction. The driver had lost all sense of reason and just continued destroying everything we had all worked so hard to build. 

Frozen by shock and fear, all we could do was wait for the driver to calm down, but it didn’t look like that would happen anytime soon. In fact, things only got worse. 

The driver basically took the team hostage and started blaming everyone else for his loss. With his rage-filled gaze focused on me, next thing I know my head smacked against the concrete floor. Things get really horrible here In front of everyone, he beat and tortured me. Worst of all, he grabbed a staple gun and used it to seal my lips shut. The pain was unbearable, the nails pierced through the thin flesh, sealing my screams. As the tears blurred my vision and the strength left my body, I wondered what happened to him? With my consciousness fading, the last thing I say was the sinister grin of my estranged younger brother.

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