A dream which took place over several years. The theme of the dream kind of reminds me of a tv show I used to watch; Pretty Little Liars. Instead of “A” lurking in the shadows stirring up trouble there was a Phantom.

However the dream wasn’t as crazy or dramatic as an episode of Pretty Little Liars. No one was being blackmailed or threatened, not really anyway. The dream takes place in a summer camp in the woods. In the dream, seemingly random objects keep disappearing without a trace. The campers and instructors become increasingly nervous and antsy. Some even getting paranoid and irrational.

So yeah, it’s kind of like a summer camp for prestigious high schoolers (15-18). In the background, a love story is blooming between two of the campers. They are adorable and smitten with each other.

A Phantom dressed in a loose black robe with on oversized hood hiding the face has been seen wandering the camp at night. One night, some of the campers sneak out with a telescope to watch the meteor shower, despite all the strange things happening. A few campers are separated from the rest of their friends and are nowhere to be found.

On the day of a campmates birthday party, I had a foreboding feeling that something bad was going to happen. Scared, I decide to leave and try to convince my friends to do the same. However, they felt it was a bit late since they were already at the party and what else were we going to do? Unable to convince them, I try to leave by myself.

However, the person hosting the event; my campmates mother and one of the camp supervisors said I couldn’t leave since the party barely started. I told her I needed to step out for a while and basically had to force my way past her. I can’t really remember what happened directly after that.

I started walking towards the main road, I just had a gut feeling I needed to escape the camp. Suddenly dozens of AI programmed NPCs (Non-player characters) started to surround me in the forest. I tried to run away from them but more and more kept popping up in front of me. Scared and confused, I found myself surrounded by mindless creatures. I had no idea what was happening (thank god I knew it was a dream).

Among those surrounding me, one stepped forward – The Phantom. The Phantom pulls down their hood to reveal their face; it was my campmates mother who I barely escaped from not long ago. It turns out she is an agent sent from a certain secret society to infiltrate the camp which many heirs of high profile families attend.

Overall, nothing dangerous happens. During the dream, a lot of events were either sabotaged or cancelled because of the Phantom. In some ways I think the Phantom represents Covid-19; with everything closed due to mandatory lockdown. Countless events, small businesses and retail have suffered due to Covid-19.

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