4D Torture

Ugh! Once again, I could physically feel everything that happened in this dream and it wasn’t pleasant. So here is what happened:

I went to the cinema to watch a newly released movie. I watched a bit of the Julia Roberts movie Eat. Pray. Love before I went to bed so that influenced the dream, I think. 

The movie is based in Rome where two women (a blonde and a brunette) on holiday form a friendship and explore the city of Rome together. However, about half way through the movie a crack forms in their friendship as the blonde woman became jealous of the brunette when she opened a small sweet shop in the capital city. As the tension increases between the two women, the brunette’s twisted personality is revealed. What we thought was a chick flick suddenly turns into a psychological drama. 

The brunette was an expert at throwing darts, she never missed her target. She began using darts as weapons and started throwing them at the blonde woman. She teased her by intentionally throwing the darts really close to her but only grazing the skin. The blonde woman tried to run away but the sound of the darts whizzing passed her was terrifying.

The brunette has more frightening abilities and the audience starts to question if she is even human. She summoned three dark fairies as guardians of the sweet shop. While the fairies were tricksters they were otherwise weak creatures. It takes a lot to scare them but even the fairies are terrified of the brunette’s corrupt personality. 

The brunette is revealed to be a dark witch capable of magic and one of her favourite spells is conjuring thousands of darts with the ability to track their target. 

As the credits began to roll and I thought I could escape from the movie theatre, a woman dressed in a pristine white lab coat appeared on-screen and greeted the audience, she explained how we would be subjected to a series of tests before we could leave the theatre. With a wicked smile she concluded her message by saying it was all in the name of science. 

A series of random and disturbing images appeared on the theatre screen while my hands and feet were bound by automatic restraints. And so, the experiments began. 

The entire audience was subjected to endless excruciating experiments through the 4D cinema experience. We were forced to watch the experiments on the floor-to-ceiling screen while being subjected to them. As if the pain wasn’t enough, we had no choice but to watch what was happening to our bodies. Some people screamed from the burning pain of a rash outbreak, others lost all function of their body as their organs were tested and tortured to the limit. 

We were forced to endure dozens of inhuman and torturous experiments before being set free.


  • A lot of physical and mental pain was experienced in this dream. I could even feel the darts pricking my skin. 
  • No one could help us or hear our screams since the theatre was soundproofed.

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