One Giant Wave

I went on holiday to Lanzarote with my family and a few friends. My parents did their own thing while my friends and I had fun together. We planed to do a lot of things like build giant sand castles, hire jet skis and a lot more touristy activities. 

We were having a great time playing, shopping and relaxing together! One morning we were setting up for a day on the beach. While my friends were still getting ready in the hotel, I decided to get to the beach early and beat the crowd and all the sun beds were taken. Then, just as I had finished laying the towels on the beds a giant wave crashed onto the beach and swept everything away; the sun beds, parasols and inflatables.I stood there, soaked with the taste of salt water stuck in my mouth wondering what just happened. 

Other beach-goers were running and screaming in a panic trying to get off the beach. It took me a minute to snap back to reality. I grabbed my backpack drenched and covered in sand, and instinctively headed towards the hotel. 

The coast guard and emergency services responded quickly to try and save as many lives as possible. After all, there were dozens of people in the sea when the giant wave crashed. 

Close to the shore, grids of nets were set up like sieves to catch any personal belongings while the floating tubes on the water surface supported those that were victims of the wave’s current. 

The unexpected wave had the island in a panic. Tourists ran around aimlessly in an effort to find their missing loved ones. I headed straight to the hotel, I wanted to find my parents as soon as possible before the adrenaline ran out and I started panicking. I needed to know they were ok, surely they would still be taking their time and enjoying their breakfast. . . .right.

Weird parts of the dream:

  • Personal belongings collected from the shore were displayed in tents kind of like Lost & Found. 
  • To rescue anyone stranded at sea, rafts were constructed using noodle floats 

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