How did things end up like this? Never in a million years would I have expected to find myself in this situation.

I always believed summer school was for those carefree students; the type that thought they were “too cool for school”.

Always failing and skipping classes. So why am I here?

I’ve always been a good student who never skipped class or failed an exam. I was a solid B+ student.

However there was one subject I forgot about, Physical Education.

4 months ago I broke my leg after falling into a ditch; up until then I had never broken a bone in my body.

For 2 months my leg was trapped in a cast meaning I couldn’t participate in PE classes.

Missing 8 weeks worth of classes led to me failing PE.

Now fully healed, under the unforgiving summer sun I find myself stuck in the Institute’s brutal summer school, a.k.a BOOTCAMP.