God’s Clan


A young girl named Eida is a member of a clan descendants of gods. This was no happy family, more like a society built on social hierarchy with the most powerful and influential clan members setting the rules. However, it wasn’t depressingly strict or anything.

Eida was no one special, almost completely normal. Most clansmen inherited unique gifts from the gods. Their was a huge variety such as strength, speed, smarts, vision, nimbleness, stealth and so on.

Eida attended lessons and learned about the history of the clan, math, agriculture and what not. The classes were also organised by rank, with gifted students receiving more perks.

As in a lot of societies, those with power and influence tend to look down on commoners. Eida’s father is an extremely gifted and influential individual. She often feels disappointed by her lack of abilities. *Peer pressure 

However, her father loved here all the same.


New Development

Eida secretly meets with a boy on the coast (of where-ever this may be). She never sees his face since he is always sitting in a tall tree. This was when Eida felt most at peace, where she could escape the pressure of the clan and be herself.

Things take a turn for the worst when a brutal pirate crew attack the coast prompting the boy to jump out of the tree and protect Eida. This was the first time she had seen the boy so close. Eida is overwhelmed by his bold amber hear and eyes. He was nothing like she imagined…

What else can I say?

That’s really all the details I can remember clearly. The only other points I can recall are:

  • The boy is accused of killing Eida’s mother. He is confronted by Eida’s father when he finds her with the boy.
  • Eida discovers her mother was the last descendant of a very powerful and wilful god and she has inherited her mothers gifts. (They were passed on to her before her mother died)
  • There is a lot of speculation over how she died since she was so powerful.
  • No one knows who the orange-haired boy is, except Eida’s father.
  • There are a few possibilities of who the boy could be: a wandering god, Eida’s childhood friend, kicked out of the clan at a young age. He could also be a descendant of a legendary god (one who is hardly mentioned in their history and thought to only be a legend)


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