• Set in an alternate timeline, kinda like a futuristic setting with advanced technology and everything else
  • A blood virus breaks out caused by environmental changes. Humans infected turn into (not so wild) beasts who loose all sense of identity and morals
  • Communities/ schools travel by sea on huge vessels which resemble small cities on water. These vessels were created as the blood beasts are weak against water
  • Swipe tags (resemble dog tags) are used for identification and purchasing items on-board
  • Points system: Points are rewarded based on school and training performance, as well as mission results. These points are used in place of currency
  • A not-to-strict military style school trains young adults aged 12 – 21. These students are trained to battle, contain and sometimes eliminate the blood beasts
  • Very competitive school since squads compete for extra points. An individuals point count can effect their grading
  • Ranking system determines and assignes missions, usually for the higher ranking students. Get more points for more risky assignments.

Ezra is a transfer student in Class X, the highest ranking class. Not a lot is known about him and he tends to keep to himself.

For this reason, he is not well liked by his peers who all worked hard to reach the top ranking. Ezra remains one of the top students despite hardly ever attends class or training sessions.

Ezra’s status as a student is merely a formality to cover up his real purpose on-board the vessel city. Ezra spends his time working with the medical department who are studying the blood virus. To do this, they have captured blood beasts for observation. Ezra’s real job is, a beast tamer.

The truth is, Ezra was infected by the blood virus when he was only 7 years-old.
*By the way he is now around 16*

Somehow, miraculously his immune system managed to reduce the effects of the virus on his body. Therefore, he avoided turning into a soul-less beast.

However, Ezra was still infected and while he may have avoided the worst, the virus still took a toll on him. As a result, his senses were enhanced, he became very sensitive to noise sunlight and load noises. Sometimes these led to chronic migraines, nose bleeds and loss of consciousness. He also became increasingly hyper-active which he stimulated with rigorous training regimes and several sports and martial arts.

Ezra is very unique, being the only human known to have survived the blood virus transformation. Some believe he, or his blood could be the key to curing the virus.


Ezra is enrolled in the Navy Academy for several reasons. Firstly, to hide his true identity and isolate him from the mainland. Several rebel organisations would try to capture him if they found him.

Another reason is to undergo numerous medical examinations (not experiments) and monitor any changes in Ezra’s immune system. These tests are necessary to discover why Ezra survived and hopefully develop a vaccine for the blood virus.

Ezra works closely with the medical team aboard the ship. He is capable of interacting with the “Blood Beasts” since he possess’ some of their traits and DNA.  The captured beasts do not see him as a threat because of this. Ezra gets on well with the beasts since they are not prejudice against him. Some of the people around him are afraid of Ezra and tend to be wary of him since he is infected with the virus.

On the other hand, Ezra still doesn’t get along with his peers. They don’t like how he manages to remain in Class X and have so many points when he hardly ever attends class or training sessions.

Obviously Ezra can’t reveal his true purpose on the vessel. However, he won’t keep being criticised by those who know nothing about him.

The cruel reality is, Ezra is not cured or immune to the virus. The virus could still spread throughout his body and eventually cause him to transform. Even if this doesn’t happen he will eventually die from the stress and damage the virus is having on his body.


Swipe tags Illustration:


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