• When Azura was still a child she lived happily with her mother Kaya and her clan. They lived in a beautiful temple in a lush green forest.
  • The temple signified the connection her family had with dragons.
  • Dragons were not fierce, scaly giants like they are often depicted in fairy tales.
  • They were wise, loving spiritual creatures who only showed themselves to those they deemed trustworthy.

Azura was a member of a nomadic clan of wizards who used the knowledge they received from dragons, to benefit the natural world. They had no interest in developing weapons and technology like the rest of the modern world.

Azura loved her family and the dragons. From a very young age she possessed a natural affinity for magic. However, unknown to her, Azura’s family was considered quite powerful and posed a threat to the other powerful clans nearby. Mainly because very little known is about the clan.

The  dragon clan had no quarrels with the other wizard clans. Azura’s mother once told her, her family’s way of life was considered quite strange, but that was ok.

One night, Azura is woken by her mother and taken down a secret passage to leave the temple. Azura never knew this passage even existed. Kaya tells her she needs to stay quiet. Azura can hear loud bangs and shouting coming from outside. She is scared. Azura had never seen her mother so panicked before.
Kaya quicky opens an old gate at the end of the passageway. Azura can see a red glow peeking through the gate.

Once outside, Azura sees the cause of the red glow. The temple was ablaze. Unfamiliar Dark figures were attacking her family. Azura tried to call out to Kaya but couldn’t make a sound from being in shock.

Kaya takes Azura to a sacred meadow deep within the forest. This is where the dragons live. She speaks with Zula, a beautiful emerald dragon asking her to take care of Azura. Kaya sets Azura down in the meadow and says ‘I love you Azura, wait here for me.’ she says holding back her tears to be brave in front of her daughter. As Kaya leaves, Azura tries to follow but Zula blocks her path and puts the child to sleep.


Azura wakes up in the meadow. Kaya nor Zula are anywhere in sight. Azura snaps out of her groggy, sleepy state by the smell of something burning. She follows the scent with a stabbing pain in her gut. Azura is frozen by the sight of her home. The once beautiful tall temple is no more. Only ash and rubble remain.

Zula is awoken by a strong rumbling beneath her. She immediately realises what it is. She looks around frantically for Azura but cannot see her in the meadow. Zula rushes towards the temple. The tremors grow stronger the closer she gets.

Zula cannot believe her eyes. She finds Azura standing in front of the charcoal burnt temple ruins. A thin crimson glow surrounds Azura. Zula knew this site all to well. Azura’s aura was influencing the surroundings. This was an ability only spiritual beings possessed. A being such as a dragon.

Zula looks into the clearing at the barren land where a temple once stood. She quickly wraps her long gentle body around Azura, to calm her down. Azura collapses and Zula brings her back to the meadow.


Azura was raised by Zula who turned out to be her aunt. Azura’s father (is) a dragon. She was raised in secret, deep within the mountain forests. away from humans. 

Azura had more power than she could handle. Using six sacred seals, Azura sealed away her power. The seals left beautiful polynesian patterns on her body. These acted as the seals locks. When each seal is released the pattern spreads along her body to join the next seal mark. 

Azura learns about her father, Enzo;

He was an incredibly talented dragon but also mischievous. He often transformed into a human form which is how he met Kaya. 

Enzo didn’t tell Kaya he was a dragon until he told her he loved her. Kaya loved Enzo too. So they got married and Azura was born a year later. Enzo made a life-changing decision. He decided to live with Kaya and Azura as a human, as a proper family. This mean’t giving up a lot of his powers as a dragon. 

All seemed well until one fateful night. The barrier protecting the temple grounds was disrupted. Enzo was one of the clan members investigating the barrier spell. However, Enzo never returned to the temple. 

While searching for him, several of the clan members followed traces of magic and stumbled upon a section pf forest with fallen scorched trees and fractured ground. This was most definitely the remnants of a battle. 

Enzo gave up nearly half of his power to stay with his family. Only a truly powerful threat would cause him to return to his original, dragon form (which could kill him). Zula thinks Enzo was captured since she didn’t sense his death.

Thinking she had the right to know, Zula revealed all of this to Azura when she turned 13. 


Azura decided to leave the mountain when she was 15 years old. (Not because she hates Zula or the other dragons. Azura wants to travel and gain a better understanding of the world. 

Accompanying Azura is a young and hyperactive dragon named Frenzy. Frenzy was “born” when Azura was 8 years old. They spent endless hours playing in the mountain forest. Frenzy loves Azura too much to leave her alone. She considers Azura her older sister.

During her travels Azura encounters many humans both good and bad. She is amazed by how big and diverse the world is. However, she is still cautious around humans since it was humans who destroyed her home.

Azura is surprised to meet others like her, dragon descendants, trying to live alongside humans. They mostly avoid interacting with others and try to hide their presence in crowds. She decides to save these dragon descendents from those looking to exploit them. Since they are rare and powerful beings, they are constantly hunted, captured or even killed by humans. Some humans see them as nothing more than weapons.

During her travels, Azura honed her ki and maintained the sacred seals. She practiced releasing the seals and controlling the power she holds within. This was very exhausting but sometimes she must master.


Magic Powers

  • Azura, at full power can manipulate the natural elements such as fire, wind, water and earth (remember the rumbling in the forest).
  • She has heightened hearing and vision that she inherited from her father.

One thing Azura discovered on her travels, Dragons are feared around the world and are perceived as violent creatures. Dragon Descendants are considered a taboo.

Dragons are seen this way because of a powerful wizard who claims to have encountered the beastly creatures. That wizard is now head of one of the worlds most prestigious wizard clans. (Coincidence? I think not.)

Now 17-years-old, Azura returns to her home, the dragon temple to pay respect to her family. It has been over ten years since she fled the forest with Zula and the others. Now, Azura wants to know the truth about that night. Why were her family massacred, her home reduced to ashes?

She discovers a magic academy was built nearby shortly after the attack 12 years ago. So, Azura decides to enrol in the academy with hopes of unveiling the truth surrounding her families nomadic nature and the reason they were killed.


My very talented friend drew Azura for me!


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