Azura: Epilogue


On her travels Azura befriends 6 other unique and capable individuals, the dragon descendents. Azura was shocked that there were others like her in the world. She couldn’t believe the descendents didn’t understand their power until they met her.

They were always alone. Having no one to teach them how to harness and control their abilities.  With no control the descendents would absorb too much energy and have their power burst out all at once. One burned down a forest within a day, another left a city without power for over 3 weeks.

Azura believed everything the descendents told her. Had Zula not stopped her that day, she could have leveled an entire mountain.

Azura resolved herself to help her kin control and harness their elemental power.


2 Years Later  

Upon learning about the magic academy, Azura and the other descendents travel back to her home to enroll in the academy. She wanted to learn the truth about her father, her clan and the dragon descendents. To do so she mustn’t reveal her true identity or abilities. Using the same family name Azura and the descendants enrol in the academy as siblings.

  • The descendents are aged 11 to 23
  • They pretend to be siblings that have recently moved to the area.
  • The ‘eldest brother’ being too old to enter the academy found a job in a local magitech company. As the lightning dragon descendent he was a genius hacker and a natural around anything with a circuit board.
  • After learning from Azura for 2 years the descendents can now control their abilities. However, not to the same level as Azura.
  • The academy’s entrance exam measures an individual’s level of magic power and assigns them a class from 1st to 5th.
  • Azura and the descendents don’t want to stand out. Therefore they suppress their power and aim for 3rd class.
  • Azura couldn’t believed that one of the revered mage clans would use this flawed system to determine a student’s capability. Magic was not something that could be measured.

The academy was established by the most powerful mage clan. They became the leading pioneers in magitech 12 years ago. They are now considered untouchable.



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