• Eliza: Mother
  • Jude: Step-father
  • Tessa: Eldest Daughter
  • Izzie: 2nd Daughter
  • Ava: 3rd Daughter
  • Ollie: Youngest child. Half-brother to Tessa, Izzie & Ava.

It starts with a young woman named Eliza. Eliza and her 3 young daughters Tessa; Izzie; and Ava lived a simple happy life. They lived in a snug little cottage, off the beaten track, surrounded by woodland and farmland.

The quaint little village nearby is where the girls go to school. The girls are satisfied with their simple life. They love and respect their mother for raising them by herself. The girls spend their free time exploring the woods that surround them.

At this point the girls are still very young. Tessa is 13, Izzie is 10 and Ava is 7.

One day, at the annual village fair, Eliza met a man, Jude. Sparks started to fly the moment they laid eyes on each other. Jude was several years older than Eliza but that was irrelevant.
Several months later, Jude and Eliza were wed.

Jude was from the city, so Eliza and the girls packed their bags and bid farewell to their cottage. Living their childhood home was heartbreaking. Within its walls were countless precious memories and experiences. However, Tessa, Izzie and Ava realised it was for the best. They were delighted, seeing their mother happy.

Two years pass by in a flash.

Jude is a kind man and treats the girls as his own. They couldn’t be happier. Especially with the arrival of a baby brother named Oliver.
The girls loved their baby brother and constantly doted on him. They even looked after him when their parents went out some evenings. However,  things changed when Ollie was born.


4 Years Later…

Eliza and her daughters are living a much more “comfortable” life. They live in a bigger house, attend a better school, and have everything they need. However, Jude has changed. He is no longer the kind and playful father that the girls knew.

When the girls reached their teenage years, Jude’s attitude towards them started to change. Ollie is now 5 years old. He is the apple of Jude’s eye. To Jude, Ollie can do no wrong. Jude starts blaming the girls every time Ollie bumps his head or scrapes his knee while playing. Something every child does, countless times.

He has become over-protective of Ollie, his son, his blood.

Jude never officially adopted Tessa, Izzie and Ava as his daughters.

Eliza hates seeing her daughters smiling and playing less and less. Jude blames the girls for accidents and incidents that were out of their control.
“Since the girls are older they should be more responsible. Ollie is only a child, he doesn’t know any better” is what Jude always says. Eliza doesn’t confront her husband’s unreasonable attitude. This is what breaks the girls hearts the most.
Tessa, Izzie and Ava still love their little brother. He is too young to understand what is going on.


Ollie loves his older sisters. They are always there for him. Telling stories, playing and teach him new things. Tessa, Izzie and Ava each have their own talent and hobbies which they share with Ollie. Tessa, Izzie and Ava begin to feel unwelcome in their own home. They are tired of constantly arguing with Jude and his flawed logic. 

The girls reminisce the days spent in the or old country cottage. Life was much simpler then. The girls decide to leave home without telling Eliza or Jude. Tessa, Izzie and Ava reluctantly say goodbye to Ollie. They tell him they are going away for a while.

Ollie is really upset and doesn’t understand why they are leaving. The girls tell Ollie they are going on an adventure. They are going on a journey to find someone very important who disappeared a long time ago. Izzie tells Ollie “this is a very important mission”.

They each give Ollie a big hug saying they will be back before he knows it.
The story they told Ollie wasn’t a complete lie. They are going to find their aunt who lives abroad. After leaving, the girls feel free for the first time in a long time.


Back home, Eliza wakes up and calls the girls to get ready. After a few minutes of silence she goes into Tessa’s, Izzie’s and Ava’s rooms to wake them. However, she only finds empty beds.
When Eliza returns to the kitchen, she finds Ollie snuggled up with the two golden retrievers (who also miss the girls).

She asks him where his sisters are. Pouting, Ollie tells his mother they went on an adventure. Eliza thinks they are playing pretend. Playing along, she asks Ollie where they went. With a heavy sigh, the boy replies “I don’t know, somewhere far away”.

While preparing breakfast, Eliza asks Ollie of he knows when the girls will be pack. Once again he replies, “I don’t know Mommy”. The young innocent boy hops up from between the two golden dogs and heads towards his mother.

Eliza takes the envelope from her son asking, “Whats this?”. She still believes this is all part of a game they are playing. Eliza opens the envelope and finds several pieces of trim-folded papers inside. It was a letter.


In the letter, the girls ask their mother to apologise to Ollie. They don’t think they will see him for some time.

Eliza, doesn’t want to believe it. She calls out the the girls names while running around the house. Images of Tessa, Izzie and Ava float into Eliza’s mind as she frantically searches the girls bedrooms in vain.

Then she remembers something. She returns to the kitchen and rummages through the drawer where all the passports and birth certificates are kept. They were gone. Tessa’s, Izzie’s and Ava’s passports were nowhere to be found.

Eliza couldn’t believe it. Her daughters were really gone. And she has no idea where they are.


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