A 14-year-old girl named Greta is an avid gamer, especially adventure games. Kind of reminds me of Sword Art Online.

A new all-inclusive virtual reality package is released and Greta just had to have it. It turns an entire room into a virtual hub. Sensors placed all around the room keep track of your surroundings and body while the player is unconscious. (This will probably be achievable in the not-to-distant future)

Eventually Greta’s parents reluctantly gave in and buy her the VR Hub. After setting up the sensors and console, Greta hacks into the coding and starts removing safety barriers and character restrictions. She was determined to make the most of her VR experience.

Greta rewrote the code to give her a more detailed map of the VR Hub, as well as unlock shortcuts and stuff like that. She also altered her personal data (like her location status). This made it impossible for other players to know her location (in real life). Greta is fully aware of the trouble she could get into by doing this.

Needless to say, messing with software coding is never a good idea. As they say, actions have consequences.

As predicted, things go south. Greta ends up trapped in the virtual world, Haven. At first this didn’t seem like a big deal. Greta having a blast exploring the virtual world. But she would soon discover the consequences of her wrecked actions.

So the virtual world is set up as a multi-leveled platform game. It kind of resembles the Tron world crossed with a multi-storey parking complex. Each level leads to a new world/environment.

It’s probably obvious but the VR Hub became extremely popular very fast. It offered a whole new world of opportunity and experience. One floor is a Pokémon world with every generation of Pokémon. Watch the art style change (from 1980s cartoon to 2017. I hate the 2018 anime style.)

So basically the place looks like a multi-storey arcade with floors and floors of game world’s.

Greta’s older brother and sister, Hugo and Lana entered the virtual world Haven in hopes of rescuing their sister. (like spy kids 2)

Haven gives players an opportunity to escape their full, everyday lives and become a completely new person. A player enters Haven as an avatar, with a completely new appearance. Greta altering the coding for herself makes finding her in an unknown world almost impossible. Especially since she altered her in-game location status.

Greta’s actions had consequences. She unintentionally created an “Error” which allowed (a portion) of her Haven avatar to separate from the master. Let’s call it/her Glitch. Glitch is an independent piece of code (like Yui from SAO). She exists only in Haven with the background and character traits given to her by Greta. Glitch doesn’t really have ‘emotions’, just the pieces of information Greta programmed her with.

So basically, Greta in the real world is unconscious as Lana and Hugo wander through Haven trying to find their sister.

Glitch appears as a bonus item in Lana and Hugo’s Gear Box (player inventory kinda thing). Lana and Hugo entered Haven using the same console as Greta. This is how Glitch was able to appear in their Gear Box. She informs Lana and Hugo of the situation. She explains how being a part of the original avatar allows Glitch to locate her “master” a.k.a Greta.

As they venture through Haven, Glitch starts getting attached to Lana and Hugo. This goes against the laws of assimilation and artificial intelligence (only in my dream).

Glitch is a piece of code designed by Greta. It shouldn’t be able to develop “feelings” or emotions. Glitch had no “physical” characteristics in the real or virtual world.

As with any game, players must complete tasks, collect items and earn points to level up. This goes for Lana and Hugo too; they are nowhere near as skilled as Greta. Glitch helps them clear tasks and challenges so they can find Greta as soon as possible. Before her consciousness is lost in Haven forever.

Inside Haven, there is a gamekeeper named Logic. Logic is an AI programme designed to keep the virtual world in order. This includes preventing players from altering or rewriting Havens rules. As Greta did.

Logic discovers an “Error”. An unregistered and in-active player is present in Haven, Greta. Looking into the players specs, Logic discovers a part of the avatar AI is missing, Glitch. Logic also discovers the avatar restrictions have been overwritten. The players location status shows N/A.

Logic starts looking for the error, intending to eliminate it. Logic is an AI programmed to maintain order in Haven. It classifies Greta’s avatar as a threat. Logic is only doing what it was programmed to do.

Logic doesn’t have to follow the same rules as players. It doesn’t have to participate in games or trials. It can enter any level or game freely. Making it easier to locate and eliminate errors and glitches.

Unfortunately this is when I started waking up. So the dream gets a little patchy.

Glitch manages to find Greta, with Logic closing in on them. Greta is reunited with Lana and Hugo.

They are not in the clear yet! They still have to leave Haven before Logic catches them. For some reason Logic is still pursuing them. Logic cannot stop chasing them until it determines the error has been neutralised.

Each player wears a sensor ring in both realities. The ring monitors a player’s heart rate and pulse. It also acts as an emergency exit. If the player removes the ring in Haven the player will receive a small static shock (on their finger) to wake them up.
However Greta’s ring is missing. Hugo thinks that Glitch is the code which makes up the ring for Greta’s avatar.

Glitch must be sacrificed to save Greta.

The End

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