The Misfits Club


Ok before I start let me first introduce the characters. Some of which will not be mentioned in the story because it’s a dream and I just remember them being there.

Club Members
  • Eve: A girl who can predict if someone is going to meet a tragic fate (within a 6 month time frame)
  • Gabriel: A boy who can see 21 seconds into the future
  • Leslie: A girl who always knows where she is going. She is a human GPS who never gets lost.
  • Hari: A boy who can find anything that goes missing.
Our Protagonist

Indi (Indigo): A transfer student with no particular talents like the misfits, except a strong sense of determination.


The Misfits Club is set up in high school since the members don’t fit in with the rest of the crowd. These kids formed the club to put their quirky skills to use as well as support each other with the burden and joy of being unique.

Mainly, the misfits act as a helper club. They use their unique skills to provide numerous services for the school students and teachers. Some of the most popular requests are for

  • Hari sometimes hates his lost and found skill because he is always requested to find the same things. Keys, glasses, shoes, books and so on.
  • Tour Guide, Leslie often guides guests and visitors around the school grounds and surrounding area. She also acts as a GPS on school trips.
  • Betting, some teachers make a small fortune betting on sports. This is thanks to Gabriel using his future-sight to determine the winner or score.


Indi transfers to the school after the winter break, at the start of the second semester. She comes across the Misfits Club and wants to join since she has trouble making friends at school. People are intimidated by her unique, outgoing personality. At first the club members are against her joining since she has no “ability” or quirk. Indi is disappointingly normal. However, she eventually joins the Misfits Club (otherwise this story would be going nowhere).

Indi loves to write, especially short adventure stories like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Being part of the Misfits Club, she gets to experience a lot of new and unusual experiences which inspire her imagination and story-writing. Indi finally found a place where she belongs.

Having a (somewhat) normal person around helps the misfits deal with the hardships of having such unique abilities.

Now as this story is from a dream there are no rules applied.  Since I’m only asleep for about 8 hours it’s impossible to remember everything that happened. For some reason time skips forward six months and things get gloomy.

6 Months Later…

Eve realises Indi will die (within six months).
Eve is devastated. Recently she and Indi had become really close, even best friends. Indi was one of the few people who didn’t look at her like she was a freak.

Eve convinces herself that Indi has been put in danger by becoming personally involved with the members of the Misfit’s Club. So, in order to protect her friend, Eve and the other club members start distancing herself from Indi.

This really upset Indi. She thought she finally found somewhere she belonged. Now she is heartbroken having lost something she spent so long searching for.

Over the next few months Indi keeps getting into small accidents like slipping down the stairs in school (classic clich). Each time, Indi notices one of the misfits nearby, except Eve. This was the main reason the misfits distanced themselves from Indi. They were keeping an eye on Indi, trying to prevent her death at all costs.

One night, at home while writing in her journal, Indi reflects on recent events and comes to a realisation. She realised why her friends were avoiding her and why she was having a “run of bad luck”. It became clear that Eve had a premonition of Indi dying.

Indi couldn’t believe it. However, she was overjoyed that her friends hadn’t bonded her. Instead they were looking out for her. Indi’s vision begins to blur as tears flood from her face and her throat begins to burn.

She rubs the the tears from her puffy red eyes and takes a deep breath. Sitting at her desk, Indi begins writing in her journal.


Several weeks pass with the summer holidays fast approaching. The misfits really missed Indi. They hadn’t seen her much lately and were happy that the accidents seemed to stop. However, to ensure her safety, they had to stay away from her.

On her way home, Indi notices Hari (SPOILER: They love each other but never say anything. Something Unspoken). She hadn’t spoke to him in so long. She noticed how he was wearing his headphones like always. She felt a tightness in her chest, trying to hold back the tears.
As Hari crosses the road Indi hears the roar of an engine and notices a car approaching at a frightening speed. The car, not slowing down, heads straight towards Hari. Without any hesitation Indi leapt onto the road and pushed Hari out of the way.

Hari turns just in time for to see Indi smile at him before being hit by the car. The car continues on with Indi left lying on the hard pavement, close to death.
What a cruel twist of fate. Just when the misfits thought they had prevented the death of their friend, this happens.

Almost whispering, Hari calls out to Indi as he rushes to her side, crawling along the gritty pavement. Seeing Indi’s crimson blood flowing from her body, Hari realises she is really going to die. ‘After everything they did to prevent this’, he thinks.
Hari holds Indi in his arms apologising for avoiding her instead of just telling her the truth and spending as much time as possible together. Indi uses her remaining energy to tell him there is nothing to apologise for. She figured out and understood why they kept their distance.

Indi doesn’t regret her time in the Misfit’s Club. She had so much fun with them and is thankful for having such great friends. Indi looks into Hari’s eyes and with her last breath, whispers ‘thank you… I…’

Hari, holds Indi’s lifeless body tight, crying ‘Idiot! Why did you have to die!’


End of the school year

The misfits are still mourning the death of their beautiful and beloved friend, Indigo. Eve and Hari are having the hardest time accepting Indi is death. They didn’t realise how important Indi’s presence was until it was gone forever. They finally found someone who accepted them for who they were, quirks and all.

On the last day of school, they all meet in the club room and find a small brown envelope sitting on the table in the centre of the room. They are amazed to discover it is from Indi.

Eve rips open the envelope to finds manuscript along with a letter addressed to the misfits. They are all brought to tears reading the letter which explains how Indi realised Eve had a premonition of her death. She thanks the misfits for looking out for her, even against all the odds.

The letter goes on, stating how happy she was being part of the Misfit’s Club and loved every minute she spent with together with her friends. Her only regret is not being able to stay with them for longer. So she decided to leave them something which would remind them of the time they spent together.

The manuscript is a book Indi wrote about the time she spent with her amazing and unique friends. During their time apart, Indi entered and won a literature competition. The first prize was 100,00 copies of the book published. This was why Indi was absent for the last few weeks of school.

The club members breakdown in tears once more, after reading Indi’s letter.

Hari picks up the manuscript and smiles at the 3 words printed on the first page – “The Misfits Club”



2 Replies to “The Misfits Club”

  1. I love everything about it the authorizing set up and sorta like my dreams I always thought they could been a good book or movie only if remember them. The time framing 🙏. Thanks for giving us or someone such as myself an opportunity to take upon something as deep relating to life in general and the dreaming situation.

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