Secret Society School Club

I had this dream some time between August 24th and 27th last year. It was such a cool and interesting dream, I really didn’t want to wake up. 

Once again, it was a school-themed dream; mainly focusing on extracurricular clubs and societies in secondary school. Actually, it is more likely around the final years of primary school (Better known as Middle School in other countries) as all the dream characters seemed to be around ten years old. The whole dream felt like a school mystery tv show I would have watched as a kid.

The school clubs and groups in my dream are way more interesting than those in real life. One in particular was like a secret society, only a dozen or so students were invited to join each year. The secret society was not confined to one school, it was connected to schools throughout the country and was beginning to expand overseas. Once initiated into the society, you remain a member well into your adult life. In each school, three or four capable and skilled freshmen were invited into the society. Some years, no new students were invited as no one met the criteria. There is no way of applying to the society, special freshmen are selected to join before they even set foot on the school grounds. Rumour has it, white envelopes sealed with a wax crest are left in the chosen students lockers, inviting them to attend a certain event, at a disclosed location. The truth is, inside the sealed envelopes is a secret code, one which the selected students must solve to find out the location of the society’s “clubhouse” ; a test of sorts to determine they were worthy of joining the highly coveted and secretive society. Having the skill to decode the invitation was the most basic skill required of each society member. 

Very few teachers are even aware the group exists within the academy. No one really knows when the society came into existence or what it stands for. One thing was clear, being initiated into this society could completely change a person’s world. Students have access to many more, albeit less traditional opportunities after they graduate. The society has existed in secret for so long because the members are sworn to secrecy when they enter. They are never to speak of the society’s existence to anyone; not their family, lovers, not even their dog. Breaking this one rule was considered the ultimate taboo that would end with dire consequences. 

I already kinda mentioned this, but the society memes were all highly skilled and special individuals. Those gifted with extraordinary talents or intellect were invited to join, no matter their background or lineage. Although, the highest ranked members were all from elite households. 

Ok, that’s enough background information! Here is what happened in the dream:

Once a year, two high school society members visit the middle school clubhouse to determine the abilities and potential of the middle school members. My character was a new middle school member. As a transfer student, I was a rare case; I received the sealed envelope as a second year instead of a first year. Not to brag about my dream self, but I was highly skilled in spotting patterns, decoding texts and equations. Things I would never be good at in the real world; well, maybe the spotting pattern skill. Anyway, back to the dream –  my perception has always been remarkable, ever since I was a child. However I was never settled in one school long enough for anyone to notice the unique ability I possessed. 

After opening the envelope, it took hardly any time to solve the code revealing the location of the society club room hidden within the academy. The code led to what looked like a dead end of a long corridor. There was no way the base of a secret society would be easy to find. Usually, a senior member (the two high-schoolers included) would escort the invited students;  but nothing could stay hidden from my extraordinary eagle-like eyes. There was nothing especially interesting about the dead end, except where it ended, it wasn’t in-line with the length of the adjoined classroom. Something was hidden behind the wall. Not only was I able to decode the invite, I was also able to open the secret entrance to the club room, using nothing but my skills of observation! In the end, I was accepted into the secret society.

School corridor

As well as my observation skills, I also possessed a highly advanced photographic memory and a keen interest in mystery and detective novels. 

Even with my abilities, I was by no means the smartest or most talented person in the society. While I was fine with that, some of the other society members were threatened with my “eyes that could see through anything”. No one wanted to approach me, scared I would see into their soul. For such a well preserved and advanced society, they were surprisingly superstitious. 

After a few months, I settled into the new school and secret society. I even managed to become friends with a classmate (and society member). Even though our personalities clashed, we got along surprisingly well. While I had my optic prowess, and loved delving into the worlds inside novels; as an athletic superstar, he was much more outgoing and active. His once-in-a-lifetime skills had already been recognised by several prestigious sport universities, nevermind high schools.

Surprisingly, the secret society had a club advisor, like every other after-school group in the school. The club advisor had a lot of responsibilities. Afterall, this was no ordinary middle-school club., neither were the club activities. The club advisor was also a member of the society and when assigned the role, he inherited a very important “heirloom”. An heirloom which had been protected and passed down for centuries. The ancient book contained many secrets about the society, its founding and its actions throughout history. Only a rare few highly skilled decoders were able to read sections of the book. The book contained records of the founding members, the secret of how the society remained hidden, as well as the mechanics of every secret entrance the society created around the world. Only the most trusted and devoted members of the society were privileged to see the book. If the book was ever to fall into the wrong hands, the entire society would be in danger of being exposed. 

I notice the club advisor acting strange and becoming increasingly wary of those around him. There are times he suddenly disappears for hours without notifying anyone of his whereabouts. The club advisor has his own cupboard-sized office inside the club house. No one was allowed to enter without permission. 

One day, while the advisor is out the door to his office has been left slightly ajar. With no one else in the club room, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to peek inside the usually sealed office. It was hard to see much except for the towering stacks of books covering the floor. One book sitting on the desk caught my eye; It was much older than any book I had ever seen. The page it was open on showed complex mechanical diagrams and encoded text. The drawing looked similar to the mechanism used to create the entrances to the society’s hidden bases. It was hard to tell through the small gap in the door; on the next page there is another diagram of something resembling an underground passage. Before I could look any further, the advisor had returned to the club room. 

  • A few days later, someone attempted to break into the hidden club room. 
  • The society members within the school spot suspicious figures loitering around the school and observing the students. 
  • The club advisor is nowhere to be found, nor is the founder’s heirloom. 
  • I tell the high school society members about what I saw in the book and about the advisor’s strange behaviour. 

From here, the dream starts to fizzle out. Like an annoying anime with an open ending. Will it or won’t it continue? 

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