Dream log: 28/05/2020

This is a dream I had in May last year.

Two of my best friends were present in this dream. 

In the middle of the night, the three of us were wandering around in a car and somehow ended up in a huge shipyard warehouse. It was so dark out we had no idea we were on the docklands. 

Inside the warehouse were dozens of giant transport trucks parked uniformly in-line. The  countless shipping containers stacked on top of each other worked like a maze. 

Out of all the places we could end up, it just had to be a dodgy warehouse run by a shady group. My friends and I find ourselves caught in a rally race around the warehouse. Whichever one of us is driving must be a stickler for the rules of the road (a good thing in real life too) since they only stay on the main circuit instead of making or finding shortcuts like all the other racers. It is probably obvious already but we are trailing so far behind in the race, that other cars are overtaking us – they are now a full lap ahead. 

The rally race takes place every year in mid-Summer at midnight, when the Docklands are deserted. Even though my friends are terrified I’m super excited since I know it is just a dream. 

During the race, it was impossible to see anything other than what was illuminated by the car headlights. The other drivers were all crazy. Taking shortcuts through the blackened shipyard was risky enough. One team took their antics to the extreme. Pulling all sorts of dangerous stunts like driving backwards, swerving all over the place and tackling the off-road mud tracks.  

From here the dream takes a 180° turn. My friends and I had escaped the craziness of the shipyard only to find ourselves in the rural countryside. We settled into a quaint village to look for and take care of donkeys. Or were they ponies? I think they were donkeys! 

What a random turn of events!

Photo by hermaion from Pexels

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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