What was once the Heroes Guild

Humans are such fragile and fickle creatures; they change their opinions and values so easily. It is rare to find a human who lives by their values and convictions, individuals with pure and brave souls. In this world, there are only seven such individual and they are known as The Seven Magicians. 

The Seven Magicians were hailed as heroes and belonged to the top-ranked guild in the kingdom. However, after the magicians disappeared that “top-ranked” guild has fallen and is on the brink of ruin. 

As the strongest and most outstanding warriors in the kingdom, the seven magicians were constantly tasked with quests that would have been impossible for others to accomplish. The requests never ended and even the King had called upon them. The King applauded the seven magicians for all they had accomplished. Straight away the King explained the quest he wanted them to take on. It was the most dangerous and difficult quest they had ever received. The King ordered the Seven Magicians to break the curse which was plaguing the kingdom. Creatures of the dark placed a wicked curse on the kingdom and now the land was decaying, the crops withering and the air became increasingly polluted and toxic.
Even though they were scared; for the sake of the kingdom and its people the Seven Magicians willingly accepted the quest.

The Magicians were applauded and cheered as they set off to battle the unknown, leaving their family and friends behind. They had no idea if or when they would return, if they would ever see their parents again or hold their children in their arms. The quest may be an order from the King but the reason the Magicians accepted it was to keep their loved ones safe. And so, time continues to flow and the citizens returned to their daily lives as the brave magicians risked their lives to break the curse.

Several weeks passed before the land recovered and sprouted new life, the polluted air was once again fresh and breathable. The Seven Magicians did it! They broke the wicked curse! The entire kingdom celebrated and waited impatiently for the heroic magicians triumphant return. Sadly the Seven Magicians never returned. 

Dozens of search parties were sent to find them but no trace of the magicians was ever found.  The Seven Magicians selflessly lost their lives in exchange for breaking the curse. Every citizen of the Kingdom mourned the loss of the Seven Magicians. The King even held a ceremony to officially ordain the deceased magicians as Heroes. 

With peace restored to the Kingdom, life gradually returned to normal. Even though the wicked curse was long gone, humans always need something to fear. So, the Heroes guild became the unfortunate victim of humanities weakness. 

Although the Seven Magicians gave their lives to save the Kingdom, their guild became the target of fear and unease. Many baseless rumours were spread about the “cursed guild”. With such an ominous nickname, no magicians were willing to join the guild even though it was the home of the Seven Magicians. Things only got worse for the Heroes Guild, as they stopped receiving job requests the guild members had no choice but to reluctantly join other guilds in order to make a living. 

With no quests and no members, inevitably the guild was abandoned.

The End

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