Three dreams I had on this date

Escaping pleasantries

As the daughter of an elite household I was bored to death of posh parties full of painfully dull conversations, haughty laughter and pretend pleasantries. 

In preparation to escape the dreary lifestyle I started to hide stashes of money in the strangest of places; like old children’s books, flower pots and other random places. After turning eighteen I was finally an adult and could make my own choices. However I knew my parents and other members of the household would never let me escape my “duties” as the daughter of an elite household. Thats why I had no choice but to obtain my freedom by running away. After collecting all the money I had saved and packing lightly, I snuck out of the family manor in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. It was time to say goodbye to those days of boredom and set off on an adventure. 


With insurance prices constantly on the rise, a lot of fun places like amusement parks are closing down. Hired entertainment like bounce houses are going out of business because they are struggling to find affordable insurance policies. I had this dream when this was a hot topic on the news. It was a dream about a new form of “fun-for-hire”. 

A flat pack play zone that is fun for adults and children alike! A customer can personalise their own flat pack by choosing from a wide range of games and activities like a ball zone, slides, tunnels and obstacle courses. These pay zone packs fit together like jigsaw pieces, they were so easy to assemble and packed with fun. The games and activities came in individual packs which could be linked together once constructed. 


Unlike the previous two dreams this one was dark and grim. What made it truly unpleasant was being unable to wake up from it. Yes I was once again trapped in a dream, this time a nightmare. 

As a foster child I was welcomed into a middle-class American family. Luckily I got along well with this family, especially my foster sister. Her open and kind heart made me less wary and before long I felt at home with this family. My foster sister and I played together everyday and got up to all kinds of shenanigans. 

My foster parents own a family diner which they converted from an old fore station. The diner still retained some of the buildings original features like the fireman poles, giant garage doors and rustic red brick exterior. The only thing that felt out of place was the name of the diner, “The Laundry Room”. 

This is where the dream gets dark. 
The family are proud about home grown produce. They grow all their own vegetables and rear their own cattle to ensure they provide the highest quality ingredients. Anything else they source from local businesses. They were a well respected family in the community. 

Out of the blue, cows keep getting attacked on the farm and the family find themselves targets of an online fanatic group. The group post horrific, graphic videos of them brutally killing young calves and lambs. 

Can you imagine being lucid and unable to wake up from a nightmare like this?

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