Intergalactic shopping mall

My friends and I took a space car and drove to a nearby planet to visit a new inter-galactic shopping mall. The new mall was the largest in the galaxy with over 1,000 stores. There were stores and restaurants from hundreds of planets, the mall was one of the only places you could explore the culture and food from all over the galaxy.

Knowing it would be impossible to visit all the stores in one day, several budget hotels took the opportunity to build new hotels near the inter-galactic mall. The whole thing was being marketed as a perfect holiday for shopaholics. Unfortunately, my friends and I were only on a day trip so we decided which stores we wanted to visit beforehand.

While browsing one of Forever 21s seven floors, I instantly fell in love with the most amazing jacket. In the changing room, I tried it on and it fit so perfectly I thought it was made for me. I didn’t want to take it off.

While changing back into my own clothes, a woman came along and suggested I try on the bigger size just to see what it looked like. Assuming she was a shop assistant I took her advice even though I knew it would be too big. As soon as I try on the larger size the woman grabbed the smaller jacket and ran out of the changing rooms.

I couldn’t believe what just happened! That woman stole the jacket I fell in love with. I quickly took off the larger jacket and rushed out of the changing rooms to chase after that cheeky woman. I looked all over the store, all seven floors and asked the store assistants for help. Sadly, neither the cheeky woman or the jacket could be found anywhere.

I was so upset. How could someone be so petty? Just thinking that that woman bought my jacket really pissed me off! The fact that there were no more jackets in that size worsened my mood. The staff at Forever21 apologised so many times and offered to let me know when the jacket would be back in stock. But after everything that happened I was so annoyed and not in any mood to shop. Even though the jacket was perfect, I could no longer feel the same way about it. Just thinking about it reminded me of that annoying woman.

The End

So dramatic! Has anyone ever loved a piece of clothing so much?

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