The Tower (Draft)

What was mean’t to be a small town full of amenities, schools, businesses and thousands of family homes is nothing more than a deserted construction site. It was supposed to be a project to revolutionise modern building but it proved to be too ambitious and expensive a project and was inevitably abandoned. The small ghost town situated far away from any civilisation attracted an unusual crowd. 

In the centre of the town stood a tower that seemed to touch the sky. Like the rest of the buildings on the site, the tower was nothing but a shell, it was never completed. 

Very few people are aware of what happens in the ghost town, more accurately in the tower. Only those possessing the strength and conviction are awarded the chance to challenge the tower. 

When the construction of the town was abandoned, it became the perfect place for Daredevils. With the desolate construction site isolated from civilisation, a group of daredevils were able to do what they wanted with the half-built buildings. They converted several of the residential buildings into daredevil challenges. Hardcore and dangerous tests of strength, mobility, endurance and concentration. Only those with a strong conviction would have any chance of clearing the challenges. Only after clearing all the challenges could someone take on The Tower. 

The Tower had no rooms or interior, it was an empty shell. The hollow centre, void of any roof left the tower exposed to the natural elements. The majority of those that have tried to conquer The Tower have failed. Sometimes the harsh and unforgiving weather proved to be a cruel enemy. The gruelling heat and pelting hail storms were forces to be reckoned with. 

Others simply lacked the stamina or strength to reach the top. There were also the rare few who underestimated The Tower. 

Daredevil challenges never use safety nets, harnesses or protective gear. The Daredevils lived by relying on their own abilities and skills, their scars and wounds are proof of their strength. Therefore those that wish to become Daredevils need to be ready for death especially while challenging The Tower. 

It is still a mystery who the Daredevils really are or how they choose contestants for the challenges. 

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