Seemingly normal dream

I OVERSLEPT!!! I only had 20 minutes to catch my bus so I had to skip breakfast.

The danger of this dream was how “normal” it was. There were no magical creatures or space travel.
It was such a normal dream that it was hard to distinguish from reality. Meeting up with friends, wandering around the city and popping into a shop every now and then. Ok, there was an element of weirdness, like the 1960s vibes, Polaroid cameras (no digital) and colourful clothing. A time 30 years before I was even born. And of course there had to be an element of magic considering Elsa from Disney’s Frozen was present. 

Apart from that, the dream experience wasn’t that far-fetched which is why it easy to mistake it for reality. Unlike most of my dreams this one felt so real that I almost believed it was. I could feel everything I touched, had long conversations with other people and express emotions without restrictions. Like happiness and laughter. 

I don’t know what it was that broke the dreams spell but I managed to wake up back in the real world. 

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