Axel is transported from his ill-fated world of calamity, death and the fight for survival. Axel wakes up in an alternate reality which he initially thinks is a dream. This world resembles a futuristic Las Vegas, full of skyscrapers, neon billboards and signs illuminate the streets at every turn. It was so unbelievably different from the desolate wasteland Axel was used to.

However the society of this world is completely different to the bright and colourful metropolis. Each citizen has their assigned roles and follow the decisions of the Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster is a dictator in the guise of a fun-loving and energetic magic man. Kinda like Willy Wonka or Mephisto from Blue Exorcist but a lot more cunning. He has a very powerful influence like that of a god. (Like the futuristic version of George Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother is the all-seeing overlord).


When Axel woke up in Wonderland he had a new identity, a job, close friends and a back story. However, he never forgot where he came from and the pain he endured there.

Axel isn’t restrained by the rules of Wonderland unlike the rest of the citizens. He decided to wear the mask he was given and integrate into the society. He uses knowledge from Paradise (his original world. Again opposite of appearance) to share new and fun experiences and ideas with his friends. Things they never would have thought of before.

This creates a ripple in the systematic society as Axel’s friends begin thinking for themselves and question their “perfect” world. This is very dangerous for obvious reasons.

Axel enjoys spending time with his friends from Wonderland. However, as time passes he begins to miss Paradise. The friends he has now where not the ones he chose but instead brought together by the Grandmaster’s systematic society.


Axel wishes to return home as his memories and experiences in Paradise were the results of his own decisions and shaped him as a person.

Meanwhile the Grandmaster starts noticing changes in the behaviour of certain residents. While overlooking his great metropolis he notices an anomaly, Axel. The Grandmaster concludes that Axel is the source of the recent changes in Wonderland. He isn’t known as the Grandmaster for nothing!

He keeps an eye on Axel and figures out he wants to return to Paradise.

Late one night, the Grandmaster pays a visit to the old Clock Tower where Axel lives. The Clock Tower is where Axel first woke up. It is also the oldest building in Wonderland and resembles the ruins in Paradise.

At first Axel is cautious of the Grandmaster until he presents an unexpected offer. To send Axel home. The Grandmaster explains how there is only one place in Wonderland where it would be possible to “shift” back to Paradise.


So that is the most interesting part of the dream. As I began waking up the story started to fall apart.


Here are the final things I can remember:

  • Grandmaster turns out to be from Paradise.
  • Wonderland is something like Narnia. The Clock Tower acts as a doorway between the 2 worlds and only presents itself to those who need closure.
  • The Grandmaster became ruler of Wonderland to avoid it ending up in ruin like Paradise. Hence why people are taught to believe everything the Grandmaster says. A unified society with little room for personal opinion or beliefs means less conflict and war. (We all know this isn’t true)

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