Candyfloss Disaster


What a random and fun dream!

I was on a train travelling somewhere.

A candyfloss machine onboard went out of control. It kept flossing up candy which grew and GREW spreading through the carriages!

The carriage I was on had to be detached from the train to stop the candy floss from spreading any further.

Obviously, the candy floss machine needed to be fixed.

I was stuck waiting for the next train which didn’t arrive until the next day.

So, the only thing available for dinner was…. CANDY FLOSS!!!!

Crazy thing is, I don’t even like candy floss!

2 Replies to “Candyfloss Disaster”

  1. Isn’t it strange, my other half often dreams of things she doesn’t like. I tend to dream of things I do like, perhaps an optimistic/pessimistic personality thing?

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    1. Yeah! This was one of my more random dreams. 😄
      I tend to have really vivid dreams about the craziest things. 😂


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