It was a day like any other. I just left the house when a large shadow zoomed above me. I look up, to see an airplane falling from the sky at a dangerous speed.

As I watched the plane fall closer to the ground a second shadow flew over me. A second plane heading in the same direction. A few seconds later; a large thud shook the ground beneath me.

I rushed around the corner along with several of my neighbours. The grass and soil unearthed was evidence of the planes desperate attempt to avoid a crash landing. The crowd quickly grew as passengers began to emerge from the grounded aircrafts.

Things started to settle once all the passengers were safe and accounted for.
Turns out the control tower mistakenly signaled two planes to take-off at the same time; which resulted in the current situation.


A Hop-On-Hop-Off bus came along to collect the passengers and return to the airport. For some reason my family and I tag along for the bus ride. I’d never been on a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus in Ireland.

The bus driver was crazy! He kept swerving all over the place. There were so many passengers onboard, holding on for dear life. This was even more terrifying than the emergency landings. Then the driver takes a really sharp turn nearly causing some of the passengers to fly off the top of the bus.

When the driver pulled into a stop to allow passengers to get of; we all took the moment to catch our breathe. Suddenly, a swarm of pigeons ascends into the sky. This didn’t look good.

‘Oh No! OH NO!’ was the only thought running through my head as it rained down pigeon poo.


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