Cruise Control


It started off with one old guy, the commander (who kind of looked like a shady captain Bird’s Eye) and 3 girls. The girls (me being one of them) were training as part of the crew.

In the dream, I woke up and couldn’t find anyone in the crews quarters. What was going on!! I eventually found my team mates Angie and Hanna.
For some reason I end up diving into the water stored at the lowest level of the ship. There are old control systems and monitors under there.

Angie is inspecting the outside of the ship (under water) while Hanna monitors the situation from the ship deck. We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary while under water. So Angie and I return to the surface and meet with Hanna.

The deck resembles a cold, dark metal warehouse. Similar to a deserted underground car part.


Suddenly, an eerie creaking echo grabbed our attention. Gate 66, the 30ft steel doors opened slightly. A single figure emerged from the doorway, the commander.

We ask him what’s going on, where is everyone? He replies vaguely and suspiciously. The Commander tells us to relax. “The situation is under control” he said smiling uncharacteristically.

Wandering the lower decks, Angie, Hanna and I run into a handful of other crew members. They are all unbelievably calm and collected, just like the Commander.
It turns out we are drifting in the middle of the ocean. The Commander and his crew turn out to be pirates. They are smuggling 50 huge cannons right through the centre of the ship. The cannons are hiding in a gap between Deck 66 and 67.


The Commander and his pirates force the ships crew into the hatch which led to a hollow gap under Deck 66. They didn’t want anyone interfering with their plans.

We were all like, ‘No way in hell!’ So we, the ship crew fought acknowledge and miraculously ended up locking the pirates in a shipping container.

The thing is, the Commander and the pirates were the crew running the bridge. So then, we were all wondering what to do next? The ship is drifting aimlessly in the middle of the ocean and there is no one to take charge.


Fast forward >>>

The ship miraculously ends up docking (badly) in a random port town. We needed to come up with a plan to feed the 5,000 crew and passengers onboard. So, we split into several teams to…well… steal a load of food from the local supermarkets in the port. In our group, Angie, the good looking one is the distraction. She flirts with a store manager to keep hip occupied. (Basically has a Daphne from scooby doo vibe)

The other 10 of us race around the store, throwing food, drinks and other essentials into trolleys. We ran out of the store saying we would be back for more and would pay then. *Yeah right! We never went back.*
Several other teams pulled the same stunt at other stores around the resort town.

We managed to get back on the cruise ship. However we hadn’t escaped yet.
A cruise ship isn’t a speed boat. It’s not made for quick getaways. So we got caught by the resort owner Rodrigo.


Rodrigo was a pretty chill dude. He was a 39-years-old savvy business man. We vaguely explain the situation to him.

  • Saying how our Commander was a pirate trying to sell cannons to… who knows who.
  • This was the first port we came across
  • We desperately needed food and had no money

I forgot to mention the passengers are still completely clueless. We didn’t want or need any further chaos on board. We had to maintain the cruise experience as much as possible.

Rodrigo suggests we sell the cannons to him. (He was a fan of antiques)
That would cover everything. The stolen goods, docking fee and his silence. We have a deal!

Don’t worry! We took out all the weapon components. The cannons are nothing more than antique decorations.
We hand over the Commander and pirates to Rodrigo too.

And so, we sail off into the sunset heading God knows where!


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