Theme Park Planet

Another End-Of-The-World type dream.

My holiday turned into a ‘Catch Me If You Can’ scenario.

I was being chased for my medication because it was a really popular drug sold on the black market. But mine was prescription so they can’t have it!

So, I’m on the run and end up being transported to a different world. However, this world is dying. Jeez! I just can’t catch a break!

And so, the world starts falling to pieces. The Apocalypse arrived.

While running from the end of the world, I make some friends along the way. We decide to travel together as a group, heading for a planet that resembled a theme park/fun fair.

But when we get there, the high expectations we had were crushed by the dark and depressing reality before us. The theme park planet was FRICKEN SCARY!!!

Entry tickets to the planet were available on a first-come-first-served basis. My friends and I are chased again, by crazy people trying to steal our tickets.

There was no way I was staying there. Some of my friends thought differently though. They were tired of running, understandably. They wanted to rest, so they decided to settle down on the terrifying theme park planet.



Hundreds of giant pandas patrolled the streets. They behaved like demented Umpa Lumpas. An army of them paraded through the park like guards. They kept a watchful eye on everything and everyone. Kind of reminds me of The Party from George Orwell’s; 1984.

They were really freaky pandas.

Anyone who becomes a citizen of the planet eventually ends up as empty shells of their former selves. They are brainwashed. Ditzy and spaced-out, wandering around aimlessly through the theme park, like zombies.


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