Prince of Tyranny

Prince of Tyranny_600px

This dream was about a tyrannical and impulsive prince.

Prince Obus, having been raised in a palace, surrounded by servants waiting on his every beck-and-call was totally oblivious to the world outside the palace gates. He turned into a brat who believed the world revolved around him. That he could get away with anything since he was a Prince.

Before turning 21, Prince Obus decided to travel beyond the capital city. Of course he did not go alone. He had a small group of servants and troops accompany on his journey. Everyone hoped this was a sign of the Prince becoming an adult. He was finally taking an interest in the kingdom he will one day rule over. However these hopes were soon tarnished for Prince Obus is a prince of tyranny.


Prince Obus was instantly infatuated whenever he came across a new civilisation famous for gold, jewels, tools or technology. As a prince he believed he was entitled to all these treasures and demanded they were handed over to him immediately.
Prince Obus was truely oblivious to how the world works.

If the citizens refused to hand over their livelihood, Obus would simply slaughter those that stood in his way and claim their possessions for himself. Then he would burn everything to the ground. Obus had no sense of remorse. He showed no mercy to those who stood in his way.

Basically Prince Obus was a complete idiot. Totally clueless as to how the system of society works. He believed he was the centre of the universe.

In the end, the various tools and technologies he stole were useless to him. He was clueless as to how they worked. Killing every citizen of each settlement left no-one to explain how to use the tools. The same goes for translating texts and scriptures. These once precious resources became useless due to the greed of Prince Obus.


Some of the attendants and troops travelling with Obus notice how impulsive and senseless his actions are. They advise the prince to interact with the people more. He could learn a lot from the different cultures they encounter.
The Prince would benefit from learning more about the world, the countless cultures, religions and lifestyles. He could negotiate trade agreements and form lasting and beneficial relationships between nations.

Of course, Obus ignores these suggestions. He dislikes being told what to do. Obus wants to inflict fear and despair on those who refuse him or get in his way.

I really wish I could remember more about this part of the dream. The narrative changes from here on…


One girl, the sole survivor of a small settlement Obus had lit ablaze, slaughtering anyone he came across be it man, woman or child.

Her name is Lulu. A proud member of her tribe (she kind of reminds me of Disney’s Pocahontas).

She was away from her village when Obus lay siege to it. She was gathering herbs and plants when she noticed the smoke rising in the distance. She rushed back to her village but it was too late. The homely teepees, simple storage huts, the people always smiling and dancing are nowhere to be found. All that remained was charred earth, burning trees and the sickening smell of burning flesh. Lulu broke out in a fit of tears, roaring at the top of her lungs. Why? Why? Why? Was all she could think.

After several days the flames eventually subsided. Lulu prayed that her kin could be at peace in the afterlife. But she would never forgive those that destroyed her home and killed her family. Enraged, Lulu followed the path of destruction and eventually caught up with Obus and his troops. Lulu quickly regained her senses and hid, staying out of sight.


Instead of confronting them carelessly, Lulu observed the foreigners from afar. At night she moves closer to their camp. She spots several men tossing her tribes beloved artefacts and treasures into a horse-drawn cart. There are other unfamiliar artefacts mixed in with them.

Using all her willpower, Lulu managed to stop herself from charging the camp and killing everyone in sight. She would be no better than those monsters.

Lulu continues to follow Obus and warn other settlements of his arrival. This would be her revenge. The small civilisations Obus considered barbarians would combine their strength, knowledge and technology to out-smart and ward off the Prince of Tyranny.


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