Beyond the Border


Background Story

Once upon a time humanity faced a crisis like no other. Rapid population growth, climate change and many other life changing threats had finally reached a breaking point. The planet was overpopulated and something needed to be done. After years of deliberations the leaders of each great nation came to an agreement. And so 30% of the population were banished to the blue planet, the ocean.
Those unfortunate souls struggled to adapt to their new watery environment.

After several centuries of anguish and hardship the banished finally evolved and adapted to living underwater. Tales of the surface were passed down through the generations. Children grew up listening to stories about the endless sky, stars, fresh green grass and so much more. Over time those stories turned into myths.

Main Story

One day while patrolling the kingdom, Princess Luna discovered an unusual white light shining in the dark and barren ocean. Curious she swam towards the light and slowly reached out only to see her hand disappear into the white glow. Luna quickly pulls back relieved her hand is still intact. Her curiosity gets the better of her. Luna bravely dives towards the light head first and eyes closed.

She can breathe! However, she feels a strange warmth blanket her face and shoulders. She slowly opens her eyes to unfamiliar surroundings. A sight she could only imagine from the legends she was told as a child. The Surface. The surface which had been sealed off from the banished for over 400 years. Princess Luna looks up to discover the source of the light that guided her. A beautiful glowing pearl floating in the sky. This must be the moon. In the distance she can vaguely see a vast rock face stretching for miles. Land!

When the sky begins to brighten Luna awakens from her trance. She notices the light she travelled through closing in around her. Panicked, she quickly ducks under the water and watches the halo of light disappear. Luna reaches out again but this time all she feels is the barrier trapping the banished in the darkness of the ocean.


Princess Luna returns to the same place every day hoping to discover the white light waiting for her, but no light appears. Disappointed, she decides to give up; convincing herself it was a dream. However, on the 30th day the halo reappears. It wasn’t a dream! Once again Luna travelled through the halo to see the pearly moon, countless glistening stars and the vast landscape in the distance. When she finally calms down Luna decides to investigate the mysterious halo which broke through the barrier separating the banished from the surface.
Why did it appear again?

Luna ducks back into the sea and tries touching the surface outside the halo; nothing. She dives down deep until the white glow of the halo is barely visible. She launches full speed straight towards the light. Just as she is about to break the surface Luna fiercely kicks her legs and pushes her arms down to give herself the momentum she needed. She pulls her entire body out of the water into the light fresh air above the surface.

She falls onto a silky soft surface moving beneath her. Luna struggles to push herself up. Her entire body tingling from the exposure of a new environment. Still trying to push herself up, fighting the resistance of the rolling waves under her. Luna looked up slowly. Her eyes widen as she sees the glowing halo beside her. She did it! She had crossed the barrier.

Luna finds it extremely difficult to move. After a long struggle she finally found her footing. Princess Luna resembled a toddler learning to walk. Taking one step at a time. She wanted to head straight for the land in the distance but knew she would never make it before sunrise. As the sky began to brighten Luna hesitantly returned to the ocean.


I really liked this dream but unfortunately this is where I start to wake up.
As always, the dream starts falling apart but here is what I can remember:

  • Luna revisits the surface another three times (3 months) to familiarise herself with the surface world and learn to walk. Each time she gets closer to the coast.
  • She couldn’t keep this discovery a secret for much longer. Luna was a princess and she has a responsibility to her people.
  • Her father was suspicious of her sudden enthusiasm for patrolling. The King was shocked to discover for her change in mood.
  • At first he doesn’t believe her. Luna tells her father everything on the 29th day of that month. The day before the halo is due to appear.
  • The King sent 5 of his best scouts to investigate Luna’s claim.
  • Princess Luna decides to remain on the surface once the halo disappears. This was her chance to explore the surface.


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