Family of Four

The story is about an enthusiastic inventor named Oliver and his 3 children, Maggie (14), Aidan (11), and the youngest daughter Eddi (7).

[ NOTE: I was seeing things through Eddi ]

The thing is, each child has a different mother. Oliver was known for being aloof and free-spirited (I think there is a better word than this). He loved each woman (mothers) but he loved his work more. He never got married but he loves all his children equally.

There is some tension between the siblings. They grew up in different households with their mother and step-fathers. Especially for Maggie, who has younger siblings from after her mother married. Maggie loves her family, her mom, her 3 adorable siblings and a loving step-father she calls Dad. Maggie sees Oliver as more of an uncle she sees regularly, but she is conflicted with her feelings for Aidan and Eddi. Aidan and Eddi don’t have these complicated feelings since they are each an “only-child”.

Maggie, Aidan and Eddi only see each other every 4 weeks at Oliver’s house. The three of the get along really well,  spending a lot of time together on these weekends.

They each inherited one of Oliver’s personality traits.
Maggie is very intelligent and has business brains. Aidan has great engineering skills. He loves fiddling with bits and bobs, and building things. Eddi is the creative one, full of imagination and unique ideas.

Maggie and Aidan are Eddi’s only siblings and she loves them very much. She wishes she could see them more often.

Oliver loves his kids but his work is his passion. He spends almost all his time thinking up new inventions or problem-solving. He makes sure to take time off every month, to spend time with his kids.

However, everything soon changes and Oliver is forced to re-think his priorities.
Eddi’s mother passes away suddenly and tragically.  She was driving home late and was hit by a drunk driver.
Now, with no one left to look after her, Oliver must step up and become a full-time father to Eddi. Oliver, Maggie and Aidan are the only family she has left.


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