Christmas Shopping MAYHEM!!!


What a nightmare!!! (Not really scary just a head-wrecker of a dream)
I finally finished all my Christmas shopping and thought I could relax.
Then I had this bloody dream!


I was walking around my local shopping centre doing last minute present shopping. At some point Im browsing a store and notice the two bags I was carrying DISAPPEARED!!! The 2 presents I bought! Where did I leave them????
I’m in such a panic. I start rushing around the shopping centre going back into the shops I had been in looking for 2 bags lying around. I asked the staff in each store if they had picked them up.
But there was another problem…. I couldn’t remember what was in one of the bags! So even if the staff did find them they wouldn’t give them to me.


So I rushed all over the centre trying to retrace my steps and remember what I bought. At the same time glancing back and forth for any sign of the bags lying around.
I started getting paranoid. Why couldn’t I remember? Where could I have left them? What if someone stole them? AAAGGGHHHH! It’s almost closing time!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????
I frantically search every store. Look through every trolley. As the saying goes; I was running around like a headless chicken!


Since there were no witches, dragons or other mythical beings present; it was really hard to separate this dream from reality. It didn’t help that the scenes were so vivid and familiar.

It took me AGES to wake up from this dream and in the end I never did find the bags of presents. It’s fair to say; I was not a happy bunny when eventually woke up.


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