Basically, there is a school for students who possess unique talents. Some can manipulate natural elements, others have abnormal strength, senses or even turn invisible.
It’s a really competitive environment with a constant power struggle.

Then comes along an extra special girl named Sora. Sora has multiple abilities which she inherited. However, she has no interest in proving her worth like her classmates.
She sees no point in students fighting amongst each other. The point of attending this school is to harness and control their gifts before they graduate.

Some of the more cocky and small-minded students challenge Sora to see what she is made of. But she keeps turning them down. This really annoyed her challengers and they started pressuring her to agree.

There is another reason Sora kept refusing. She was simply waiting for the right time and place.


A certain annual event takes place in the arena next to the school. This event draws a huge audience and a lot of important people will be in attendance.
This is a very important event for the students. Not only will the entire school faculty be watching but so will famous Gifted individuals, family members and foreign representatives (for foreign/ exchange students).

For students from the 9 Gifted families, the most influential families in the Gifted world, this is their chance to show off their skills and strengthen the family reputation.
*FYI: These are some of Sora’s challengers

Let’s call this event the Gifted Grand Prix or GGP. The Gifted Grand Prix takes place at half-term (halfway through the school year) and each students performance can have a huge impact on their future grades/ ranking.

This event is similar to the Olympic Games. For 4 years, the students train and prepare for the Gifted Grand Prix (Only 4th Year students can participate).

As well as being an exam for the students, the event needs to be entertaining for the spectators.


Each student can enter any event from 8 categories. The more events they choose,  better the chance of getting recognised. Each category is suited to different talents such as Strength, Brains, Stealth, Elemental and so on.

You would think Sora would be at a disadvantage, having only transferred to the school in the final year. But Sora has been training for the Grand Prix since she was a child.
Sora will reveal her true power to all those that challenged her. She had kept her power suppressed for a very good reason.

Sora has a goal and she needs the world to be watching to achieve it.


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