Moral excellence; righteousness;
Conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles;

Set in modern times with war and conflict enveloping the world. One nation hell-bent on maintaining power take things to far.

Orphan children are taken in by the military. Not to be protected but used, used as weapons. Their humanity and morals are suppressed by numbing drugs and brainwashing. These children are raised without any love or affection. These soulless children are trained to be assassins, spies, bodyguards…. The list just goes on. Their only goal in life was forced upon them. To “eliminate the enemy” whoever they may be.

Children showing exceptional talent are chosen as test subjects for a bio-engineering experiment. This experiment was extremely classified. Only a select few members of the military and the highest government officials were aware of its existence.

The aim of the experiment was to enhance the children’s skills and talents beyond human capabilities.


When the experiment first started 5 years ago the children still retained some of their humanity. They could think for themselves and knew right from wrong. They could endure the intense physical training and strict regime. However, when the experiment entered the next phase, that was when the children started questioning the adults around them.

Many children chosen for the experiment became very sick, very fast. They would start coughing up blood, screaming in agonising pain and bruising all over. The adults called this rejection. Once a child presented these symptoms they were taken away and never seen again.

Atlis’ older sister Aria was one of the children chosen to receive the “special medicine”. A few days later though, Aria started coughing up puddles of blood. And so, the inevitable happened. Before she was taken away Aria told Atlis he had to escape and soon. He was to find a way before he received the special medicine.

Once the soldiers took Aria away, Atlis never saw his sister again. To fulfil her dying wish Atlis gathered four other children.  Among all the children these four were special. They each had their own unique talents. They combined these talents to escape the military compound and never looked back.

The special medicine combined with the torturous training regime enhanced the physical and cognitive abilities of special children. They developed the perfect precision or infrared eyesight, supersonic hearing and more.

The successful subjects of the experiment were known as Toy Soldiers.


Now 15 years later, the world is still the same. Atlis (25) and his friends joined a rebel organisation. An organisation set on exposing the darkness of the military. But their main goal is to prevent any more orphans being turned into weapons of warfare, Toy Soldiers.

During their time in the military compound, Atlis and his friends were taught martial arts, weaponry, surveillance, hacking and other lessons necessary for becoming a Toy Soldier.

Each of Atlis’ friends specialises in a different area. It took them many years to come to terms with the horrors the military put them through. It was only when the rebel organisation took them in that they began to recover. Now they are determined to protect the defenceless war orphans from the military.  So, they learned to hone their individual skills with the help of the rebel organisation, VIRTUE.



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