Snakes on a train… platform

This is a dream from many years ago that has been sitting in drafts for ages!

So I can only remember bits and pieces of this dream. It ain’t that exciting either
So I went to visit a friend and we met on the train platform in the town where she lives. I was so happy to see her after such a long time.
Hanna was a childhood friend and a real trickster. She loved playing pranks on people.
She kept tiny snakes as pets. Knowing how much snakes terrified me she brought them with her.
Hanna hadn’t changed; she was still a sadistic prankster.
They were really strange snakes, almost as small as worm and their skin was translucent.
To me, they were creepy and made my skin crawl.

The reason I was scared of the snakes relates to a childhood memory in real life.
When I was younger, my cousins kept small snakes as pets. (Not as small as worms, the regular small snakes)
One time I tried holding a snake and I got the fright of my life. The snake slowly wrapped itself around my little neck.
Thank god my cousin took it off me before it fully got around my neck.

Seeing how terrified I was Hanna put the snakes back in their little glass house. (It resembled a mason jar terrarium)
Hanna sets the jar down on the ground and gives me a big hug.
One of Hanna’s college friends had just gotten off the same train and we started chatting.
Just as we prepare to leave the station platform Hanna picks up the mason jar.
She takes a quick look inside to check on the snakes, but the jar was empty.
The lid wasn’t sealed properly and now the snakes were on the loose!

I start to panic! Frantically looking all around me for any sign of the tiny creatures; at my feet, in my hair, they could be anywhere.
Hanna tells me to calm down, they shouldn’t have gotten too far.

And so the search begins!

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