Saved by the natives in another dimension

I think I have been watching too many isekai and fantasy anime! You’ll understand what I mean after reading about this dream.

So here we go: 

To escape from the enemy invaders who destroyed their home, creatures from another world (dimension) flee through a portal and find themselves on a small island full of unfamiliar sights and scents. They fled so fast they never got a chance to determine their destination. As the portal closed, the creatures realised they were trapped on the unfamiliar land with no way of returning to their own world. 

Both curious and cautious of their surroundings, the family of other-worldly creatures hide in the tall jungle grass to avoid detection from any pursuers. However, they could not hide from the native islanders. 

Unable to understand each other, the tribespeople and the other-worlders studied each other. The islanders guide the creatures back to their village and welcome them as guests. 

Unknown to the creatures, the islanders are not surprised by their arrival. The island tribe were a clan tasked with protecting the portal for centuries, awaiting the day the portal would open. 

The islanders guide the creatures around the entire island, teach them to hunt, craft and other chores. 

Like in any good isekai/fantasy anime, the villain will always show up.
(Sure enough) The invaders forcefully open the portal and arrive on the jungle island. They couldn’t let the creatures survive, for they were the royal family and the biggest threat to the success of their invasion. 

See what I mean! 

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