Field trip to outer-space

A small group of students and one teacher set off on a field trip into outer-space. 

The top-ranked students of each academic department were chosen to take part in the field-trip. The academic departments are specialised fields of study such as science, medicine, engineering, sports, performing arts, social studies and more. 

To keep the students occupied during the long journey, a variety of features and facilities were installed into the space shuttle. While the majority of the facilities were educational there were a few for leisure, that the students could use in their free time. For example, virtual reality games, simulation rooms, a mini gym and a (chill out) lounge. 

The students were enjoying their time playing on the shuttle; so much so they momentarily forgot about their destination and the main purpose of the field trip. By the time anyone noticed it was already too late, the shuttle had ventured off course and was heading into enemy space territory. 

They quickly tried to redirect the shuttle but couldn’t. They had lost control of the ship, someone was controlling it remotely. The students began to panic as they were all well aware of the consequences of entering enemy territory unannounced, it would be perceived as an invasion. 

The students used their combined skills and knowledge to formulate a plan to avoid an invasion. They agreed that their main focus should be regaining control of the shuttle, send an emergency message to the school faculty and avoid contact with enemy shuttles. 

A few of the students became suspicious of the supervising teacher for several reasons. One, he disappeared for brief moments of time without any notification. Two, even if he was a teacher, he was unnaturally calm when faced with such a dangerous and unexpected situation. 

In the end it is revealed the entire experience was a test overseen by the head of each department. The purpose of the “field trip” was to observe how the students, (strangers with little in common) reacted when faced with unpredictable, life-threatening circumstances.

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