Random Dream Compilation


As a student I was wandering around campus with my friend when I notice something in the middle of the street. It was my sisters pencil case. I gave it back to her later that day. However the next day I find it in the cafeteria. This keeps happening over and over again. I keep finding the pencil case in different locations on campus.



I dreamt that I was a part of a big teddy bear family. Each bear was ‘unique’ with their own talents, quirks and charms. (Kind of like the Smurfs)

Even though she was extraordinary,  one young Teddy Bear just wanted to be normal (What a cliche). Anyways, it was basically one of those crazy family dramas, just with teddy bears.



Another invention dream! This time I created a new turbo bicycle which had 3 interchangeable back wheels. The 3 back wheels could be alternated depending on what traits you wanted your bike to use.

The prototypes of the bikes were tested through a street rally. The reason given was to test the resistance and strength of the brakes. The prototypes performed brilliantly and passed all the tests with flying colours.

Each wheel had its own trait. There were many different types of wheels and tyres available to purchase. Some obvious examples would be speed, power boost, friction manipulation, etc.

Only one turbo tyre could be used at a time.

(Similar to the Power Rangers wrist watch transformer things. Remember how they combined to become a giant and powerful mecha)



In this dream I wake up in Limbo.
The plane between life and death.
The flow of time does not exist in Limbo. There is no need for it.

I’m adopted into a dead family who drift between limbo and the afterlife.
Kind of like crossing state lines. It’s not a difficult task for the deceased.
Just a change of scenery.

Sometimes the family help wandering souls pass on peacefully into the afterlife.

Limbo resembled a normal suburban neighbourhood. It was a strangely comfortable place to be.

The time came for me to bid farewell to my surrogate family. I could feel my soul drifting from Limbo. I was being pulled back into the real world, the world of the living.

After crossing the border separating Limbo and the world of the living, I awoke from my dream.


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