Escape to Africa


The second dream seen me somewhere like Africa on holiday.
I think I was a hero like One Punch Man, powerful but not well known, but that is irrelevant to the story

So, I decided to go on holiday with my son, Kyle, my sister and her family.

One night, we (the adults) went to this Indian restaurant on the first night and it was delicious and the staff was lovely.

But the second time we all went together and it was a disaster! The meals came at all different times, my dinner and dessert came at the same time. I came back from the bathroom and my dinner had been taken away even though I wasn’t finished.

We each had to pay separately at a different table. By the time that was done our meals had gone cold. Then my dessert disappeared.

We didn’t get to relax and chat having our dinner.I was really annoyed. (There was a different guy in charge this time)

We were leaving when I decided to go back to the restaurant and complain. The owner was really nice about it and gave me a new dinner and dessert to go.

For some reason we had to run through a jungle/desert full of lions and buffalo to get to the apartment we were staying at.

I guess that’s the price of “affordable” accommodation!

Somehow we became friends with the family with Kyle (7) and their youngest daughter getting along really well.

They went to a summer camp together, playing soccer and other games.

Me and Kyle also got on really well with our neighbor at the apartment complex. He was about my age and we started flirting with each other.
Kyle liked him a lot too.

But then out of nowhere, Kyle’s father shows up and interfering with everything. He only shows up when he wants to escape from his everyday life. Meaning his wife and 2 kids (Kyle’s younger siblings who he has never met).

So, it basically turned into your average soap opera with family drama, a love triangle, jealousy, a disappearance and the feeling of “Next time on….”


FYI: I don’t have any children in real life!

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