Early Graduate

Another annoying school dream!
Only this one was more dramatic than usual.

Once again I was a secondary school student, a senior to be exact. I took a gap year to work in a design studio. I was such a good intern and showed potential. By the end of the year the studio wanted to hire me full-time. I was delighted! I really wanted to accept the offer but I couldn’t since I was still a student.

I confided in school guidance counselor. I told her I wanted to apply for an early graduation so I could begin working. She was against the idea. The counselor reminded me “there are no shortcuts in life” and advised me to finish my schooling. There was only one year left anyway.

What she said make sense but I didn’t think there was much left for me to learn in school. At least nothing that would benefit me in the future. Since I was underage I needed a guardians permission to graduate early.

I first asked my mother. After a bit of persuasion she reluctantly agreed. But only if my Dad approved too. I knew that would be an impossible task.  

Showing my Dad the early graduation application, I tried discussing the idea with my Dad but he was completely against it. He tears up the application form shouting; ‘What will you do ten years from now? You need to think about the future more.’ He was right, of course he was.  But this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To learn while working for an established and well recognised design studio.

I get really upset and storm out of the house. Next thing I know I’m at the shopping centre(mall). After wandering around the stores for several hours I give up and decide to head home.

As I leave the shopping centre I notice my dog Abby wandering around the car park. Confused as to where she is, Abby scutters onto a busy roundabout. After managing to get her off the roundabout, I hold her tight in my arms to reassure her everything is ok.

I go to the car to bring Abby home. I’m sitting in the back seat with Abby when the car starts driving itself. Not very safely I might add. When I eventually get home, I find an ambulance outside my house. My Dad was after having a heart attack.

The End


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