Competing to be King

I wonder why so many of my dreams take place in fantasy realms and medieval kingdoms. I suppose it could have something to do with how much fantasy manga and anime I indulge in. Anyway, this medieval dream wasn’t as depressing or serious as usual. In fact, it was the total opposite! This dream was much more fun and light-hearted. It’s a pity I don’t remember much of it. 

In a kingdom far, far away… just kidding! 

The dream centred around three princes and the competition to determine the next king. Don’t worry, they aren’t going to kill each other or start a war. There are certain tasks the prince’s must complete. 

The 3 brothers were as thick as thieves! They grew up daring each other to silly challenges and they were always up to mischief. Their close brotherly bond was too strong to be defeated, they decided that they would always support each other no matter which of them became King. 

In fact, they took the succession to the throne as the ultimate challenge – Just another friendly bout between brothers. 

The Kingdoms trials for choosing the next king were unique to say the least. It had nothing to do with politics, intelligence or military power. No, it was something completely out of the ordinary and a questionable method of choosing the leader of a nation. 

Each prince formed teams of 10-20 people; made up of  their closest aides and allies. The teams would compete in a series of trials otherwise known as household chores. Painting, dish washing, dusting,  carpet cleaning, dressing the beds and so on. Yes, the princes were essentially competing to decide which of them would be crowned the ultimate housekeeper! 

For it did not matter which of the princes was crowned King since in this nation, it is the woman, the Queen who rules. 

The End

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