Dinosaurs in Dublin


Dinosaurs take over Dublin City and totally destroy the place. Humans, unable to defeat these mighty beasts suffer heavy losses. Humans in Dublin hide away in underground bunkers and heavy-duty warehouses.
I’m part of a survival group living in an abandoned warehouse in the industrial industry.

When dinosaurs are nearby the entire group hide in the underground bunker. It was important to keep quiet. The slightest noise could lead to their doom.
I was lucky to end up in the warehouse. Several adults were mechanics and engineers. They made use of the equipment left in the warehouse to build weapons, gadgets and other survival tools.


Over 50 people were living in the warehouse. Everyone had to pull their own weight to survive. Even us kids. The adults taught us how to build gadgets as well as how to use them. Squads were assigned to patrol the warehouses surroundings. Gadgets allowed us to sneak into the central city to search for food and supplies in the abandoned shopping district.

Everyone relied on each other in the warehouse. Everyone over the age of seven was assigned a role from cooking and engineering to politics.
Us teenagers became skilled gadget builders. The adults were the only ones allowed to handle dangerous equipment, like magic or weapons. Even in this situation, the adults were allowing kids to be kids.

We mainly worked on GPS devices and AI helper robots. The robots alerted us when dinosaurs were closing in. The were also designed for fitting into small spaces, surveillance and communicating with patrollers.


One day, 10 dinosaurs suddenly rampage through the warehouse district; destroying everything in their path. The giant beasts effortlessly tear through the upper level of the warehouse. There wasn’t enough time for everyone to escape. So, the adults decided to save as many children as they could. The chief engineer hurried all the kids onto a re-engineered double decker bus. The engine and steering wheel were replaced with a mega powerful game console. Now the bus was driven using a remote control (Since kids are too young to drive).

With all the kids onboard the chief quickly explained how to drive the bus while entering coordinates into the GPS system. The Chief tells us we have to survive; no matter what. As the bus leaves the warehouse it finally dawned on me; we are on our own now.


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