Chocolate Quarry

This dream was about slaves being forced to work in a quarry of sorts. I think they are digging for chocolate, which has the value of gold or diamonds.
(The slaves aren’t malnourished or tortured or anything like that.)
A new guy joins the slaves on the quarry. He is a lot more intelligent than the slaves. He is able to find high quality chocolate by observing the colouring and density of the surface rock.

News that A bunch of cowboys are coming to take over the quarry. This is where the new guy reveals his true identity. He is the former Prince of the country. However his family advisors led a coup d’etat to overthrow the royal family. The Prince was sold as a slave and that is how he ended up in the quarry.

The cowboys were involved with the Coup d’etat. Meaning they are responsible for the downfall of the kingdom.

To fight back against the cowboys, the Prince leads the other slaves in the quarry to prepare for battle.
They make a giant slingshot (catapult) and turn chocolate into cannon balls.


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