Your Everyday Fairytale


Erin is a young princess, the illegitimate child of the reigning king and lives separate from the rest of the royal family for obvious reasons. The other members of the royal family ultimately ignore her and see her as a disgrace. (Just to let you know she is about 15 years old)

The only people around her are Ann, her servant (not really the right word) and childhood friend. As well as Luke, a knight of the 1st Prince.
1st Prince Xavier appointed Luke to “watch over” Erin because her cursed lineage poses a threat to the royal family.

Erin resents the royal family for exiling her mother, just because she was a witch. Witches are shunned and feared because of their strange and “devilish” abilities. The ruling monarchy portray witches as evil beings and use them to inflict fear and hatred.

Erin inherited her mothers talents and makes no attempt to hide these powers as they are a part of her. She is proud of her lineage, despite what others may say.

However, since Erin lives separated from the main household, very few people are aware of her existence, let alone that she is a witch. Being a witch, Erin is capable of manipulating natural elements. She is also loved by critters and mystical creatures (fairies and such). However, with no one to guide her, there is very little she can do in the ways of magic and spells.


Luke is a trusted knight of the first prince, Prince Xavier (Erins half-brother). Xavier has hardly ever interacted with his younger sister and has no plans to either. Growing up Xavier was told by his mother (the queen) that Erin was an evil child, a witches daughter.

Xavier will turn 21 soon and will take on the official duties of the 1st Prince, the first in line for the thrown. To prevent any chance of interference or threats, Xavier appoints Luke the duty of observing Erin.
Luke is extremely loyal to the 1st prince and coming from a famous family of knights, he has heard the rumours of the Cursed Princess.

Luke arrives at the small cottage secluded at the edge of the palace grounds, far away fro the castle. He first meets Ann, handing her a document from the Prince. The document explains how Luke has been assigned to “watch over Princess Erin as her life may be threatened by other members of the royal household (specifically the queen as well as Xaviers younger siblings, 2nd Prince Aron and 1st Princess Lana).

Ann smirks reading the ridiculous document and then lets out a long sigh. She knows there is nothing she can do about the situation, being a direct order from Prince Xavier. However, she lets Luke know his assistance will not be needed as she and Erin have survived this long on their own.

Erin isn’t the gloomy, princess of darkness that others believer her to be. In spite of that, Ann tells Luke not to upset the Princess because she might just turn him into a toad. Luke has his guard up but will soon learn what a unique individual Erin really is. Ann is suspicious of the 1st Prince’s motives.


Erin rescued Ann from bandits who wanted to sell her as a slave when she was only 12 years old. Ann grew up in the back alleys of the kingdom. Her mother was a prostitute which mean’t Ann had a difficult childhood, watching all kinds of men come and go. Whenever her mother was “entertaining” guests, she was forced out of the house.

Tia, (the woman in charge of the brothel where her mother worked) realised what was going on and decided to teach Ann self defence at the age of six. Tia believed this would be a good distraction and help Ann protect herself on the streets. Ann really loved and respected Tia.

Ann became well-versed in martial arts and sword-fighting, progressing at a remarkable rate. She became much more confident in herself. However, at 11-years-old, she was still no match against grown men. As she grew older, Ann began to resemble her mother (who had now fallen ill due to her profession). Ann found herself being targeted by several of her mothers customers. This is how she met Erin.

Erin often snuck away from the palace to wander the streets of the town. She spent a lot of time in the forest bordering the palace grounds, close to her cottage. She played with the forest animals and mystic creatures. These were the best moments of her childhood.
Erin was a real tomboy who loved climbing trees and running around the forest. She was also very curious and creative, using her gifts to create camp fires and manipulating water, just a little.

As she got older, Erin started wood-carving to make little houses and shelters for the fairies and small animals. She also made herself a sling-shot which she played with a lot.

The forest creatures also took part, setting up targets in the forest for Erin to hit. Each time they become more difficult to find and hit. Erin eventually became an expert at the slingshot (really random, I know) and also learned to use a bow and arrow.


One day while wandering the city, Erin heard a lot of ruckus coming from the dark alleyways. She heard the rusty voices of men shouting ‘Wait’ and ‘Get back here you little brat’. It sounded like a group of men were chasing a child.

Erin decided to go help the child but she was surprised to find Ann, fighting against her pursuers with all her might (Erin is 2 years older than Ann).
From the shadows, Erin uses her slingshot to distract the large men, giving Ann the chance to escape.

Ann was able to catch her breathe once she lost her pursuers. This was until she heard a voice appear behind her saying ‘Hi!’ in a very upbeat tone. She turned around to see Erin standing there.
…..and the rest is history.



  • 6 months pass and the king dies “suspiciously”. 
  • Looks like the work of magic (SET UP!!!)
  • Xavier ascends to the throne and enforces new, laws banning the use of magic
  • He wants to lock Erin away inside the palace where he can keep a close eye on her
  • Luke is made aware of this
  • Erin decides to flee with Ann to the neighbouring country where her mother is from
  • Luke decides to follow as he does not agree with how Xavier wants to rule the country
  • Forgot to mention this very important point: Ann is IN LOVE with and adores Erin
  • The three go on a journey and discover how different the neighbouring country of Juva is
  • Juva is a country that embraces magic
  • Erin encounters a lot of mystic creatures
  • In the forest back home Erin was very close to a twin-tailed cat and named her Aura.
  • Aura loves Erin so much she leaves the first to accompany her on her journey
  • Eventually Aura becomes Erin’s familiar which was suggested by one of the Elder forest sprites, the river nymph
    They were bonded using an ancient technique from the nymphs
  • In the country of Juva, it is very rare to see a union between a human(witch) and rare twin-tailed cat


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