The Applicant


This super vivid dream relates to real life. This is something I have been doing lately. Yep, applying for a job. A few of my college and secondary school peers were present in this dream. We all ended up applying to the same company for different positions.

I got an interview with a major tech company known for being a bit quirky.

But never in my wildest “dreams” would I have imagined them to be THIS QUIRKY. The company building was less of an office building and more of a multi-floor gaming arcade and theme park. It was like a small indoor version of Islands of Adventure. They even had a bowling alley!


Out of the hundreds of applications they received they narrowed it down to those that showed the most promise.

Instead of your run-of-the-mill interview process the directors decided to test the applicants skills. The applicants were split into teams of 5 and assigned a project. For the next 2 days the teams would work on these projects. There were 5 jobs up for grabs so one applicant for each job made up a team. This way there was no foul play.

For some reason Kevin James and Helen Mirren were overseeing the “interviews”.

There was an amazing courtyard outside the company building. It was basically a playground for adults. A shuttle train from the car park to every building. Reminds me of the shuttle buses in Disneyland.

If that wasn’t cool enough, they also had a vintage video game museum. The game consoles were still usable and employees could play on them. They had the first Playstation, Pac Man, arcade games and the original Ping Pong game.


It was such a cool place! Who wouldn’t want to work there?

At the end of the 2nd day is all the applicants are gathered around a table in the lobby. This company was full of surprises. They couldn’t even announce the winners conventionally.

The directors handed each applicant a ticket, each ticket had a number and the applicants name. We were instructed to find the item with the matching number from the table in front of us. The items on the table were toys and trinkets you would find in a crane game. Stuffed animals, keyrings, plushies and other bizarre items.

It quickly became clear that this is how you found out if you got the job. 5 items had a small note attached to them which read ‘Congratulations!!! You’re hired!!!’. Sadly, I wasn’t hired. It was annoying but… sure what can you do?

Just get up and get on with it!

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