Elevator Chase

Elevator Chase_600px
I had a really random dream last night with a lot of twists and turns. I was at some mad job interview where the company (design studio) laid out several tests to whittle down the applicants. My friend and I both applied to the studio since we are both designers.

It was a famous design studio run by someone who had an uncanny resemblance to Ozzie Osbourne. Anyway, the first trial was to get through the entrance of the building. Usually a relatively easy task but not in my dreams! The entrance was literally a maze with hidden passageways and trap doors. Only the creative and imaginative applicants would make it through. Of course, me and my friend both got through the maze by sticking together!

We ended up in the studio lobby with the remaining applicants. There we were given the 2nd task – to each pitch an idea for a Christmas fair. We only had 20 minutes to come up with something.

20 minutes later we were lined up to be interviewed by the boss man. Then of course I needed to go to the toilet. I asked one of the designers that worked there for directions.

For some reason, there was a shower above the toilet and you guessed it… I got soaked!!! (It was one of those sensor showers)

I had too go back to the line with my jacket zipped up. So I decided, Ah Feck It!

This place was WAY too weird for me to work in. So I skipped the interview, but my friend had hers. Even she agreed this place was cuckoo! Turns out there was another entrance to the studio. Makes sense really, no one would want to go through a maze to get to work every day.

For some reason, there was a gift shop at this entrance selling weird patterned socks and other cheap trinkets. It kind of had an Asian market vibe to it. This entrance let out to a HUGE shopping centre. ( Or maybe it was just funny looking).

We met up with 3 more friends and decided to get food. But for some reason, only four people could fit in the elevator. It was like an Apple elevator. Built for speed, not capacity! So, I couldn’t get on the elevator. And then it was almost mocking me showing how which floor it was on and telling me to wait for the next available elevator.

So I was like screw that!

I pulled a Mission Impossible stunt on the stairs and escalators which were crazy close together. I was jumping from escalators to stairs, ducking backwards where the escalators were almost on top of each other. All this trying to catch up with the elevator my friends were on.

It reminds me of Toy Story 2 when Woodie is chasing the suitcase Jesse is in.

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