Origami Ninja: End

With the festival well under way, Aiko entertains her VIP guests in the mansion. Guests who were invited for the sole reason of keeping up appearances. The whole process was like deciding who gets to attend a child’s birthday party. Aiko and her children indulged the politicians, socialites and business partners in meaningless small talk and gossip, they lived in a world were keeping up appearances was necessary. 

Meanwhile, a number of Naoko’s traps had been set off in different areas of the estate. Aiko was surrounded by well-dressed elites made it impossible for Naoko to inform her. There was only one option left.

To blend in with the crowd, Naoko disguised herself as one of the servants and Naoko swiftly brushed passed Aiko and dropped a red paper butterfly on the floor beside her. This was a signal Naoko had used many times over the years to warn Aiko and Hideo they were in danger.

Aiko was surprised to see the red butterfly fall to the floor beside her. The short-lived creatures of flight only fell to the floor once their fragile wings stopped fluttering. Aiko knew Naoko only folded red butterflies when danger was looming.

Naoko never had any toys as a child; her life revolved around training, lessons, eating and sleeping. On those rare occassions of rest, Naoko was left alone; she hardly ever spoke for she had no one to talk to. So she occupied herself with the only thing she could find, paper. This was her toy, her friend and her language.
After being assigned a shadow for the Yoshida clan, Naoko communicated the only way she knew how; by folding paper. Simple messages like “Mission Accomplished” or “Reporting in” came in the form of perfectly folded paper figures. The rarest figure being the Red Butterfly was only used to report “Danger”.

  • Aiko calls on Kazuo to inform him several dangerous people had infiltrated the estate.
  • She tells him to be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals but not to approach them.
  • Aiko asks him to keep the festival going and not to cause a panic.
  • Kazuo gathers his four younger siblings to come up with a plan.
  • Two skilled martial artists break into a fight in the middle of the performance arena.
  • Using their quick thinking the siblings address the crown over the intercom, asking them not to panic. Kazuo announces the fight as a surprise display of martial arts.
  • He tells the crowd to keep an eye out while they explore all the festival has to offer. There were many more surprises in-store.

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